Engagement Snapshot

Here is an overview of all the activities involving community for the purpose of participation.


Our region's environment and liveability is heavily dependent on trees and the canopy cover within our urban environments. Trees provide a range of environmental benefits including: the provision of shade that help to lower temperatures, reduce erosion and provide habitats for native wildlife.

Public land (owned and managed by Council) within the Dubbo Region currently has a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) and Significant Tree Register (STR) in place (learn more). The intent of the TPO and STR is to protect and preserve trees and groups of trees which have been identified for some of the following reasons; remnant of a previous landscape, been planted by a famous person, be rare or an endangered species, or be of cultural or aesthetic value.

A Tree Preservation Order for Private Property is under consultation and is seeking community participation to guide and assist Council in their determination. Your feedback can be provided through the following ways which will be collated and reviewed for consideration.

  1. Vote | Proposed Tree Heights for TPO
  2. Survey | Overall feedback

Results from these engagement activities will support the Council resolution:

That a report be provided to Council's Ordinary Meeting in October 2023 that provides details on:

a. Outcome of community consultation

b. Options for what a potential Tree Preservation Order structure could look like given that community consultation

    Consultation considerations

    When giving feedback, the following are key areas to consider if a Tree Preservation Order on private property is introduced.

    Participate now!

    Take this short 3 minute survey to ensure your feedback is provided to Council for consideration.

    Share your comments!

    Are you a business? Are you a Landscaper? Or a private land owner? We want to hear how this decision could impact you.

    Vote on the protected tree heights

    Let us know the tree height on private land you think should have a permit applied. Your vote will assist in informing the decision to implement.

    Information sessions