The Rhino Adventure sculpture trail was created in 2014 spanning the region from Bathurst to Dubbo. These colourful and unique gatekeepers lead you on a trail through regional NSW, taking you on wild adventures for lasting memories in Dubbo, Wellington and Bathurst.

Whilst a number of the rhinos on the original trail are no longer promoted, the rhinos in the Dubbo Region have become a feature and are located at various points in Dubbo and Wellington. The original rhinos were not designed to be used for long term outdoor display and as such have suffered over the years and are in need of repair or replacement. This project reviews the condition of the rhinos, potential replacements, the artwork of rhinos and potential location changes.

Wellington Rhino

Council have committed to the Wellington community that consultation will be undertaken for the replacement of the rhino previously located at Cameron Park. The options may consider the cost and feasibly to repair and repaint, an exact replacement or replacement with an animal more connected to the Wellington area. A replacement other than a rhino is currently unfunded, however funding will be considered following the outcome of the community consultation.

Dubbo Rhinos

The rhinos located at various locations around Dubbo have been assessed with three rhinos identified for replacement. Three new rhinos were commissioned along with a mould to replace the rhinos in the worst condition. These exciting changes were made possible through the 2022/2023 budget funding. But here's the twist—local school students will lend their artistic flair to these new rhinos in 2023. And to bring it all to life, a local artist will be weaving their magic to transform designs into reality.

Get ready to spot the rhino transformation at these key locations:

  • Mitchell Highway, East Dubbo
  • Mitchell Highway, West Dubbo
  • Newell Highway, West Dubbo

Project Updates | 28 November 2023