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Nominate for 2024 Council Election

This in-depth resource was developed to support any members of the community considering whether to nominate in this year's election.


Be empowered leading into the Local Government Elections on Saturday, 14 September 2024. Whether you are planning to vote or are a potential candidate considering running for Council, we have developed resources to help you prepare.

Four years have passed since our last Local Government Elections in 2021, where we voted on the ward system introduced with the amalgamation. The Dubbo electorate voted with a resounding 74.59% majority to abolish. Voters will now have an opportunity to vote for any candidates nominated for the 2024 election.

Voting in this election is an opportunity to determine 11 representatives who form the elected body that governs Council across various aspects of our Local Government Area. A key responsibility of all elected councillors is to act in the interests of our residents and ratepayers through open, transparent and informed decision making.

We invite you to +follow this page to keep up-to-date with the latest information on the 2024 Local Government Election.

Ready to have your say?

Voting is compulsory in Australia. Help shape the future of your community and ensure that your voice is heard. Follow the links to find out more.
  • Candidate nominations

    Representing the voice of your community is a rewarding experience. Visit our candidate nomination page to understand what role you could hold within the community if elected to Council.

    Learn more 
  • How to vote

    Whether you're a returning voter or it is your first time, head over to the NSW Electoral Commission website to find out more.

    Learn more  
  • Enrol to vote

    If you haven't enroled to vote, you can head over to the Australian Electoral Commission website and start the process.

    Learn more  
  • Update details

    If any of your details have changed, update them on the electoral roll to ensure you are ready to vote.

    Learn more 
  • Non resident roll

    You might be eligible to vote as a non-resident in the Dubbo LGA election if you meet certain conditions. Discover the link below to find out more.

    Learn more  

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