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Engagement Snapshot

Here is an overview of all the activities involving community for the purpose of participation.

Livestream | Community Panel Event


On Saturday 14th October 2023 a national referendum will be held across Australia, asking residents to answer the question;

To help ensure our community is well informed Council has resolved to undertake an information program about the referendum which includes encouraging residents to enrol, sharing of information and hosting a community-based panel event.

The panel event is centred on providing an opportunity for community leaders to participate in a facilitated public panel and enable these leaders to address questions from the community. The panel will include two panellists from both of the Yes and No viewpoint.

The event will be held at the Dubbo Regional Theatre & Convention Centre on 10th October 2023 and will be livestreamed and recorded.

We are seeking your involvement in the following ways:

  1. Expressions Of Interest to be a member of the community panel
  2. Register to attend the community panel event
  3. Register to YourSay and submit a question to help inform panel discussions

Any community members who believe they can make a positive contribution to this event and support information sharing are encouraged to apply to be on the panel or register to attend.

  • Register to attend

    Register to attend the community-based panel event and hear from community leaders on the Yes and No perspectives.

  • Ask a question

    We are collating questions for this event, register with YourSay to submit your question.

  • EOI panel member

    Share your thoughts in a meaningful way and moderated setting to help inform community on the 2023 Referendum.

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